Why not build the temple ?

As per our estimates, it would cost 1.2 to 1.5 million USD to build a temple on a 3000 sq.ft buildup area. Given the magnitude of the project, it may not be possible to construct on such a large scale in this point of time. So we decided to buy an existing building as a Phase I project.

Why Zollezi lane property?

This facility has a 1800 Sq ft building with 38 parking spaces and has been zoned as a religious use special permit. Based on the above factors, this property suits the needs of our community

Is there a possibility to build a temple in future?

Yes. Once we have a permanent temple,there will be lot of opportunitiesĀ  to raise fund to build a Dream Temple in Reno.

Why donate 10K to become a Board of Trustee?

We have been trying to build a temple for the past 20 years. We need governance and constitution for the leadership. We have to have a criteria for the initial leadership. Hence founding members thought that whoever donates 10K will be the life time Board of Trustee and lead the initial drive to build the temple.

Why membership?

We need to have constant source of income to maintain and improve the temple. We thought $25/month is a reasonable fee for the membership. This will also allow active participation of the community members

Why Board of directors?

Board of directors are elected by members. New Directors will bring new ideas for the betterment and improving the activities of temple. Having two different boards (BOT & BOD) makes the governance transparent and efficient.